Live Show Details

Greetings Giblets! Pat and I have been talking about doing a live show for quite a while now. We're bored, so we think the time may be right. This first live session is not going to be anything spectacular. Think of it more like a test run.

I've been looking around for a good, cheap way to stream live audio to the Internet. For this live recording, we're going to go with Google+ Hangouts on Air. It should be easy for us to set up, and our show will stream live to our YouTube page. You won't need a Google+ account to watch, but if you do follow us on Google+, you'll be alerted to when we schedule a live show.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, "If they're on YouTube, why aren't they doing a video podcast?" Well, that's another reason we chose Google+. We will, in fact, be streaming video with this episode.

My understanding is that while you can comment on the YouTube page while the show is streaming, I'm not sure how well that would work out for real time communication. Therefore, I'll be trying to set up a real-time chat room on the web site that you can use to talk to us while we record.

The raw, unedited video podcast will be available on the YouTube channel forever. We'll be taking the audio of the episode, editing it down into a normal episode, and putting it up on the the website at the normal time.

Currently, we're planning on going live on August 24th around 2:00 pm central. We hope to see you there!


Brian Sokol

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