About This Site

Pat and Brian were bored. To relieve that boredom, they talked frequently over Skype. In 2012, they decided to record their conversations for the whole world to hear. This has been widely regarded as a bad idea. Nevertheless, here we are. The podcast has evolved quite a bit over the years. Here are the basics:

Structured Gibberish: The Original Series

Originally simply called Structured Gibberish, hosts Pat and Brian inject their own strange brand of humor into the nerd topics of the day, discussing comic books, movies, toys, technology, the Internet, etc.

Special Edition

After Pat and Brian saw The Dark Knight Rises, they wanted to be able to discuss it without spoiling it for anyone who hadn't seen it yet. They decided to record their review and release it as a supplemental "special edition" that one could safely skip and return to after seeing the movie. Now, this podcast is the home of movie reviews and supplemental content.

The New Adventures of Structured Gibberish Xtreme

After being "canceled," the podcast was revived with a new name and theme song. Not much else changed. The episode numbering was reset to 1, but resumed its original numbering when episode 100 was reached. It ended when Pat and Brian got tired of the "news of the week" format.

The Structured Gibberish

The podcast was revived in a new form after 2 years. The adventures are less extreme, but the articles are definite. In this podcast, you'll find segments covering movies, TV, comics, and toy collecting.

The Multiverse Review

This podcast is like Special Edition for television. Pat and Brian love talking about their favorite TV shows, but it started to take up too much time in the regular podcast. The guys decided it would be better to break this discussion out into its own podcast so that you could wait to listen to it until after you'd seen the episodes being reviewed. Each episode contains approximately two reviews, but the shows they review will vary.

Your Hosts

Brian Sokol is a web programmer and UX designer. He loves all things related to Transformers and robots in general, but specifically  those that transform. He has a hard time not talking about tech news constantly. You can find more of his thoughts at his blog, Briansokol.net.

Pat Hughes is an artist/illustrator who prints t-shirts. He loves the Green Lantern and practically all superheros. His greatest passions include making art and collecting toys from the 60’s through today. You can find all of his thoughts by listening to this podcast.

Pat and Brian are both former owners of Stand-Up Comics, a comic shop that used to exist in Lansing, IL. They decided to do this podcast because they were bored, and they know how much people love hearing them talk to each other.