68: Ahold Swap

Good evening Gibblets and here’s the news. If you Googled Google today, you might find out that it has recently turned 15, which means it is just discovering that it can search for porn on itself. Later at 11, we discuss Joss Whedon Presents A Disney Production of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., followed swiftly by a full report of the newly declassified Age of Ultron teaser trailer. Tonight, a new police drama foucuses on a younger Jim Gordan in the streets of Gotham Central PD. Later, Bruce Wayne has a new girlfriend. Is she Wonderful or Super? You decide! Now here with Lego news on the 5s, do we have a possible Lego E.T. set? Then in Sports DC’s Teen Titans take the field in new vintage Mego uniforms!  Finally, tonight, watch out! Toy aisles are being infested with M.O.U.S.E.R.S! Ok Internet, go back to your regularly scheduled porn. Show Links

Brian Sokol

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