56: Underexpose Petrol

Tonight, we get to the bottom of the filth that is stopping up the drains of our fair city. We take a look at where it all went wrong with DC’s new take on comics, we look into the past’s future to see who is really behind where digital comics are going. The 80’s and 90’s are rearing their heads again in all-new digital comic books. Someone maybe said who someone was maybe playing in the so-called movie Guardians of the Galaxy. We take a look at one cool new big Superman figure and one crappy new small Superman figure. Then, we take a look into Batman’s night life with the Batusi Batman, we pay more than we bargained for, but less than we thought with the new 6 Million Dollar Man packaging reveal. Then we see how far Mattel is going to stick the new He-Man poll up us. Go.... play. Show Links

Brian Sokol

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