65: Headscarf Beak

Tonight, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of He-Man, and the first epiversary of Ham and Eggs Cumberbuns not being in Star Wars. G.I. Joe gets the “What Not To Wear” treatment. In celebration of He-Man’s 30th anniversary, some jerk tempts us with He-Man Legos we’ll never have. Soundwave truely is in disguise as Soundblaster, and hey, also a Ratbat. Then, Pat and Brian are wowed by the 50 Shades of Grey news... that is the grey in Robocop’s uniform. Go go, they say he’s got to go. Go go, Godzilla’s new look in his all new awesome movie. DC has some new figures coming to retail, but is it to little, to late? A life-size Strormtrooper is the latest in a long line of things you should probably spend your money more wisely on. New details surface from the Super 7 Funko merger, and they are awesome. Show Links

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