64: Travel Bellhop

Breaking News! Lex Luthor exposed! And he's not Bryan Cranston at all! Or is he?!? Nintendo hops in their Delorian and gives us the Nintendo 2DS. Skeletor loses his jaw in fight with DC editorial. From Khan to Han: will Cumberbatch be in the new Star Wars movie? Transformers 4 is not only happy  destroying our memories of Autobots and Decepticons, but also now they set their sights on the Dinobots as well! The internet is abuzz with news of the new Rocket RaCooper. Vin Diesel proudly proclaims that he is Groot. James Spader will play Ultron and not Spader-Man, as many suspected. Super7 and Funko get together to being us some ReAction. Finally, tomorrow is bring your Man-E-Faces to Work Day! Just a note, that is the 80s action figure and not an excuse to be an asshole to people behind their backs! Show Links

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